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Deluxe SRS Moorabbin

Deluxe SRS is an exciting new branch under the 'Deluxe' umbrella. Deluxe SRS (previously Sound Rehearsal Studios) has been a base for muso's of the south east for nearly 25 years. With our rehearsal studio experience, having operated the "old troy rooms" on our premises in South Melbourne for over 15 years, when it comes to rehearsal Deluxe have got your back! 

Providing some of the highest quality soundproofed rooms in the industry standard, along with top of the line PA systems, and expert know how, we guarantee you will notice the Deluxe difference at our Moorabbin branch in no time. For our long time listeners, Our South Melbourne operation is still in full effect, we are not moving, this is simply an extension of what we do. Deluxe Moorabbinis fully licensed, so you can kick back with a brew on your session break or during your next band meeting.

How To Find Us

Deluxe SRS is located at 91 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin, 3189, Victoria, Australia

30mins from Melbourne CBD / 47mins from Melbourne Airport


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