Rehearsal Studio Backline

Deluxe SRS offer a range of equipment for hire with your Rehearsal Session, please speak to one of our crew to add backline to your booking!

All Rehearsal Backline will be delivered to your room prior to your arrival. Please call us to arrange Backline, our online booking system currently doesn't allow customers to create backline bookings.

Vox AC30VR.jpg

Pearl Export & Yamaha Tour Custom Drumkits

12" Rack tom / 13" Rack tom / 16" Floor tom / 22" Kick Drum 14" Snare Drum
Stool + Hardware Included (BYO Cymbals)
Session Rate: $25



Vox AC30VR

The Vox AC30VR Valve Reactor combo uses an "old-school" Split panel design, the AC30VR offers 2 distinct channels, normal/overdrive-with the overdrive channel adding a separate gain knob. In addition, the VOX amp's overdrive style button delivers 2 distinctive flavours. 

Session Rate: $15

Marshall JCM900 + 4x12" Cab

This high gain, dual Reverb, all-valve 50 Watt head is still a players’ favourite. Known for its tone and workhorse road-worthiness, the JCM900 has many fans due to its feature set and versatility.

Session Rate: $25

Bass Amps & Keyboard Also AVAILABLE

Session Rate: $15