Deluxe SRS Customer Survey

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Fill out the 10 question survey below and each Month we give away a free rehearsal session at Deluxe SRS!

Deluxe SRS Customer Survey *
Deluxe SRS Customer Survey
1. Deluxe has made a significant improvement to the facilities since the take over in November.
2. When i rehearse at Deluxe, the studios are always cleaned to an acceptable standard.
3. i would attend workshops and classes if they were offered at Deluxe SRS.
4. I would rehearse more frequently if the sessions were cheaper.
5. The Deluxe Crew are always helpful and friendly.
6. I have shopped at Deluxe Guitars in South Melbourne.
7. I would be interested storing my equipment at Deluxe Moorabbin.
8. I would rehearse during the day if Deluxe SRS offered Weekday sessions 10am-5pm.
9. I would like to see a store similar to Deluxe Guitars in Moorabbin.
10. I would recommend Deluxe Moorabbin to other bands and artists.
We would love to know if you have any suggestions on how we can better our service! Feel free to write as little or as much as you wish!
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