At The Bar

Deluxe SRS Offer a Large Range of Local and Imported Beer and Pre-mixed Spirits. We keep it simple and affordable.

$5 For All Beers & $8 for any Pre-Mixed Spirits... Rockin'!

Try the amazing Pizzas we have delivered right to our door at 8pm every night of the week! 

Only $15 For a Large that's Deluxe!

Liquor Licensing & Rehearsals

Dear Rockers, After a long awaited approval we are now able to serve cold alcoholic beverages!

HOWEVER, we have to lay down a few ground rules...

  • Alcoholic Beverages Must only be consumed within the designated area outlined on the back of your studio door. Not in your room!

  • BYO Alcohol Must Not Be Consumed On Site at any time.

  • Two Strike Policy. One Warning Only before Ban. 

  • These rules are a part of our responsibility as Liquor Licensees. Breaking these rules will result in loss of licence for us and a hefty fine for you and your band, So let's not do that!

Your patronage and co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Big Buck Hunter

Come on, I’m only A BUCK! 

$1 = 1x CREDIT
$3 = Full Adventure